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Registration Open For PIME Nuclear Conference In Paris

16.05.2019 - NucNet News
Registration is open for the PIME conference for professional nuclear communicators to be held at the Verso Conference Centre in Paris on 12 and 13 June 2019.

Poland Is Laying Groundwork For First Nuclear Reactors, Says Energy Minister

15.05.2019 - NucNet News
Poland is laying the groundwork to build its first commercial nuclear power reactors in the Pomerania region in the north of the country, energy minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

US Needs Nuclear And Must Not Depend On Renewables Alone, Says Perry
13.05.2019 - NucNet News
Depending on renewable energy alone is not a reliable option and nuclear is needed because it is emissions-free and offers “rock-solid, 24/7 reliability”, US energy secretary Rick Perry has said.

European Nuclear Society Joins Call For Ministers To Double Investment In Nuclear R&D
13.05.2019 - NucNet News
More than 40 nuclear associations representing over 80,000 scientists have today called on government ministers to double public investment in nuclear-related R&D and innovation within the next five years.

US Nuclear Industry Welcomes Progress On Ex-Im Bank
10.05.2019 - NucNet News
The US nuclear industry has welcomed the Senate’s confirmation of three nominees for the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank board of directors, returning the bank to a full quorum for the first time since 2015.

UK Regulator Issues Notice Of Improvement Over Sellafield Incident
10.05.2019 - NucNet News
The UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation has served an improvement notice to Sellafield Ltd following an incident at the waste vitrification plant at the Sellafield nuclear site in February.

German Nuclear Groups Merge To Form New Industry Association
10.05.2019 - NucNet News
The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) and the nuclear industry group WKK have merged to form a new association called Kerntechnik Deutschland, or KernD.

Romania And China Sign Agreement To Establish Cernavodă Project Company
09.05.2019 - NucNet News

Romanian national nuclear company Nuclearelectrica and China General Nuclear have signed an agreement to set up a joint venture project company for the planned completion of Cernavodă-3 and -4.

Britain Goes Coal-Free For One Week With Key Role For Nuclear
09.05.2019 - NucNet News

Britain has gone an entire week without using coal to generate electricity for the first time in modern history, with low-carbon generation – which includes nuclear power – accounting for 49.6% of supply, a record for clean electricity.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant To Be Permanently Shut Down In September
09.05.2019 - NucNet News

The single-unit Three Mile Island nuclear plant is to be permanently shut down by the end of September, its owner announced yesterday.

NRC Board Denies Requests For Hearing On New Mexico Spent Nuclear Fuel Facility
08.05.2019 - NucNet News

The US nuclear regulator has denied requests by several petitioners to hold a hearing challenging Holtec International’s licence application to build and operate a consolidated interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in southeastern New Mexico.

Uncertainty Over US Uranium Investigation ‘Hindering Activity,’ Says Kazatomprom
07.05.2019 - NucNet News

Uncertainty surrounding potential trade restrictions in the US continues to hinder contracting activity for uranium, Kazatomprom has said.

Deloitte Study: The Widespread Economic Benefits Of Europe’s Nuclear Energy Industry
07.05.2019 - NucNet News
A high nuclear power capacity of 150 GW by 2050 – up from about 118 GW today – would result in widespread economic benefits throughout the EU, sustaining more than one million jobs and hundreds of billions of euros in additional GDP growth, tax revenues and household income, a study has concluded.

Transfer Of Highly Enriched Uranium From UK To US Complete
06.05.2019 - NucNet News

The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration have completed the transfer of around 700kg of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from Dounreay, in the north of Scotland, to the US.

Organisers Announce Programme For PIME Communications Conference In Paris
03.05.2019 - NucNet News

The PIME conference for professional nuclear communicators, to be held in Paris on 12 and 13 June 2019, will include a workshop on how major corporations have changed their narrative, organisers have said.

Electricity From Micro Reactors Will Cost Less Than Diesel Generators, Says NEI Report
03.05.2019 - NucNet News
The cost to generate electricity from the first micro reactor will be less than the same costs for diesel generators at between $0.14/kWh and $0.41/kWh, the Washington-based Nuclear Energy Institute says in a report.

Nuclear Costs Could Fall By 28% If Projects Are Replicated, Says Committee
02.05.2019 - NucNet News
The cost of nuclear energy could fall by 28% from 2025 to 2050 if nuclear new-build projects can be replicated, the Committee on Climate Change report published today says.

UK Must Set Zero-Emissions Target For 2050 And Use Low-Carbon Nuclear, Say Official Advisers
02.05.2019 - NucNet News

The UK government must immediately set a legally binding target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 with a fourfold increase in renewable energy complemented by “firm low-carbon power options” such as nuclear power, its official advisers have said.

IAEA Will Help Armenia Ensure Highest Safety Standards, Says Amano
01.05.2019 - NucNet News

The International Atomic Energy Agency will continue its cooperation with Armenia to ensure the highest safety standards at the Armenian nuclear power station, IAEA director-general Yukiya Amano said in Yerevan, Armenia yesterday.

Nuclear’s Contribution In Europe Will Fall Without Policy Changes, Says IEA Head
01.05.2019 - NucNet News

Nuclear power is Europe’s largest source of low-carbon electricity, but its contribution is set to fall sharply and without policy changes and three-quarters of Europe’s ageing nuclear fleet could be decommissioned by 2040, Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, has said.

France Plans To Delay Shutdown Of Some Nuclear Plants By 10 Years
01.05.2019 - NucNet News

France will delay by 10 years the shutdown of some of its nuclear power plants in order to fulfil president Emmanuel Macron’s aim of making the country carbon-neutral by 2050, the government said on Tuesday.

Study Shows ‘Widespread Economic Benefits’ Of European Nuclear Energy Industry
25.04.2019 - NucNet News

The European nuclear industry sustains more than 1.1 million jobs in the EU and generates more than half a trillion euros in GDP, according to a study released today by Deloitte and the Brussels-based nuclear industry group Foratom.

Japan Needs About 30 Commercial Nuclear Plants, Says Industry Group Chairman
24.04.2019 - NucNet News

If Japan wants to reach its target of having a 20% to 22% share of nuclear in its energy mix by 2030 it will need to have “30 or so” nuclear plants in commercial operation in the coming decades, the chairman of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum said.

Finland Poll Shows Sharp Increase In Support For Nuclear
24.04.2019 - NucNet News

Support for nuclear power has increased in Finland by 8%, taking it to one of the highest levels since polling began in 1983, the Finnish Energy industry association said.

Russia Ready To Offer ‘Active Support’ For New Nuclear Countries, Says Rosenergoatom
18.04.2019 - NucNet News

Russia’s state-owned nuclear operator Rosenergoatom says it is ready with the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) to provide “active support” to new countries in the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants.

Australia Prime Minister Has ‘No Plans’ To Reverse Nuclear Energy Ban
18.04.2019 - NucNet News

Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison has said he has no plans to reverse a ban on nuclear energy, despite earlier saying he was open to the industry if it could “pay its way”.

UK New Nuclear Costs Can Be Reduced By 30%, Says NIA Head
18.04.2019 - NucNet News

There is significant scope for the price of nuclear new-build to fall with the price coming down by as much as 30% as more plants are built, the chief executive of the Nuclear Industry Association told the House of Lords science and technology committee.

UK Needs To Replace All The Nuclear Plants It Plans To Close, Lords Committee Told
18.04.2019 - NucNet News

If the UK wants to meet its carbon budgets it will need to ensure that it gets at least one nuclear station online in the coming years and replace the nuclear plants it is going to close, the House of Lords science and technology committee has been told.

Australia Must Address Energy Policy And Role Of Nuclear, Says Association Vice-President
16.04.2019 - NucNet News

Australia can have a clean, low-carbon, low-cost future using nuclear energy, but political parties are not addressing the issue because they see it as being too contentious, Australian Nuclear Association vice-president Rob Parker told Sydney radio station 2GB.

Ohio Lawmakers Announce Plan To Support State’s Nuclear Power Stations
15.04.2019 - NucNet News

Lawmakers in the US state of Ohio have announced a plan to provide financial support to the state’s two nuclear power stations by adding a surcharge to customers’ electric bills.

IAEA Completes Nuclear And Radiation Safety Mission In Germany
12.04.2019 - NucNet News

Germany is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety, but should implement improvements including regular leadership assessments for safety and safety culture, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts said.

European Commission Announces Plans To Revise Euratom Treaty
10.04.2019 - NucNet News

The European commission has called on EU leaders to “engage actively” in a rethink of the 62-year-old Euratom (European Atomic Energy Community) Treaty which governs nuclear energy, decommissioning, safety and development.

Sweden Should Assess Contribution Of Nuclear To Energy Security, Says IEA Report
10.04.2019 - NucNet News

Sweden should assess the contribution of nuclear power up to 2040 and the impact of potential early closures on the country’s energy security, a report by the International Energy Agency says.

IAEA Unveils New Tool For Verifying Contents Of Spent Fuel Assemblies
08.04.2019 - NucNet News
A new tool being used by the International Atomic Energy Agency will enable the agency to verify the number of fuel rods – or pins – in spent nuclear fuel assemblies, a key task in verifying that the nuclear material in the rods is not diverted from peaceful use.

IAEA Highlights Areas For Improvement In Estonia’s Radioactive Waste Management
03.04.2019 - NucNet News

Estonia has demonstrated a commitment to the safe management of radioactive waste, but the government needs to do more to ensure that all responsible state bodies “take an active role in the effective delivery of their responsibilities”, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts has said.

Concern Over Climate Change Drives Support For Nuclear In Finland
03.04.2019 - NucNet News

Support for nuclear power has been growing in Finland for three years in a row, prompted by growing concern about climate change and increasing awareness of the ways to fight it, a poll by Finnish Energy has said.

Argentina Still Negotiating Terms For Two New Reactors With China, Says Official
03.04.2019 - NucNet News

Argentina is still negotiating the terms of a Beijing-funded project to build the Atucha-3 nuclear power plant in Buenos Aires province, a government official said on Tuesday, adding that China’s indigenous Generation III Hualong One reactor design would be a good choice for the scheme. 

PIME 2019 Nuclear Communications Conference Confirmed For Paris
02.04.2019 - NucNet News

The PIME conference for professional nuclear communicators is to be held in Paris on 12 and 13 June 2019, the Brussels-based European Nuclear Society has announced.

China Will Fall Short Of 2020 Nuclear Target, Says Electricity Council
02.04.2019 - NucNet News

China will fall short of its nuclear power generation capacity target for 2020, according to a forecast from the China Electricity Council.

Foratom Urges Europe To Invest In All Low-Carbon Technologies, Including Nuclear
02.04.2019 - NucNet News
Adequate financing and investment is needed in all low-carbon technologies if Europe is to achieve full-decarbonisation of its economy and meet its goal of keeping global warming below 1.5C, the Brussels-based nuclear industry group Foratom has said.

Americans Evenly Split On Use of Nuclear Energy, Gallup Poll Shows
27.03.2019 - NucNet News

Americans are evenly split on the use of nuclear power as a US energy source with 49% either strongly favouring (17%) or somewhat favouring (32%) the use of nuclear energy to generate electricity, according to a Gallup poll.

Japan Survey Reveals Public Concerns Over Nuclear Energy
27.03.2019 - NucNet News

A survey in Japan suggests the public is concerned about nuclear energy with many seeing it as “dangerous” (69%), “unsettling” (56%), and “complicated” (33.3%), the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum said.

Micro Reactors Have Big Potential Market In UK, Says Government-Funded Report
26.03.2019 - NucNet News

Micro nuclear reactors (MNRs) are a feasible option for the UK and have a potential market in the hundreds by 2030, a new government-funded report has concluded.

Nuclear Generation Reached Pre-Fukushima Levels In 2018, Says IEA Report
26.03.2019 - NucNet News

Global generation from nuclear energy reached pre-Fukushima levels in 2018, mainly as a result of new additions in China and the restart of four reactors in Japan, the International Energy Agency has said.

Estonia Plans Feasibility Study Into Construction Of Moltex Generation IV Reactor
25.03.2019 - NucNet News

Fermi Energia of Estonia has announced plans for a feasibility study into the siting of a Moltex energy advanced power reactor in the Baltic country and the development of a suitable licensing regime.

Owners Of Spain’s Almaraz Nuclear Station Agree To Closure By 2028
25.03.2019 - NucNet News

The three owners of Spain’s Almaraz nuclear station have reached an agreement to continue operating the facility until its planned closure in 2028, the company operating the site said.

Japan Survey Shows Increase In Support For Nuclear Plant Restarts
22.03.2019 - NucNet News

Support for restarting nuclear power plants in Japan has increased to 27 % in 2018, up about eight points compared to the previous year, according to a survey of 1,200 people carried out by the Japan Atomic Energy Relations Organisation (Jaero) at the end of 2018.

Why Europe Should Put More Focus On Nuclear R&D And Fast Breeder Reactors
21.03.2019 - NucNet News

Research and development in the nuclear sector in Europe should focus on fast breeder reactors that will be capable of supplying energy needs for thousands of years with existing uranium or thorium resources, Leon Cizelj, president of the European Nuclear Education Network, told NucNet.

Registration Open For Foratom Conference On Nuclear Energy Challenges In EU
21.03.2019 - NucNet News

Brussels-based industry group Foratom is organising in partnership with the Romanian Atomic Forum a conference in Bucharest, Romania, on 26 June 2019 to discuss a number of key challenges for nuclear energy in the European Union.

IAEA Praises Improvements To Estonia’s Regulatory Framework
11.03.2019 - NucNet News
Estonia has strengthened its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety since 2016 but can make further improvements by providing sustainable radiation safety education and training, and improving safety leadership, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts said.

Post-Fukushima Action Plans For Belgian Nuclear Facilities Close To Completion
11.03.2019 - NucNet News
Utility Engie Electrabel has finalised more than 99% of its post-Fukushima action plan with the construction of a new operational centre at the Tihange nuclear power station the last task to be completed, the Belgian regulator has said.

Operator Of Romania’s Cernavodă Has Strengthened Safety, Says IAEA
11.03.2019 - NucNet News
The operator of Romania’s Cernavodă nuclear power station has strengthened operational safety by addressing the findings of an initial review in 2016, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts said.

Support For New Nuclear Has Increased In Poland, Survey Says
07.03.2019 - NucNet News

Sixty-nine percent of residents living near proposed sites for nuclear power plants in Poland support their construction, up from 67% last year, according to a survey by PGE EJ1, the state-owned entity in charge of developing the country’s first nuclear power project.

Finland's long-delayed Olkiluoto three nuclear reactor granted operating licence
06.03.2019 - Reuters
Finland’s government has issued an operating permit for the long-delayed Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment said on Thursday, one of the final requirements to allow the plant to start up in 2020.

Finland Wants EU To Aim For Zero Carbon Footprint By 2050
05.03.2019 - NucNet News

Finland wants the European Union to agree to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050, the country’s environment minister Kimmo Tiilikainen said on Monday as the bloc’s ministers met to discuss a climate protection plan.

Nuclear Will Continue To Grow, But Less Rapidly, Says BP Energy Outlook
28.02.2019 - NucNet News
Nuclear generation will continue to grow until 2040, although less rapidly than overall power generation, with its share of overall power generation declining, the latest edition of BP’s Energy Outlook report said.

European Financing Initiative Should Not Exclude Nuclear, Says Foratom
28.02.2019 - NucNet News

A European initiative which covers the financing of investments based on environmental, social and governance considerations should refer to low-carbon technologies as a whole to bring it in line with the European Commission’s belief that Europe’s 2050 carbon-free power system will be composed of two low-carbon sources: renewables and nuclear, Brussels-based industry group Foratom said.

EC Sees Role For ‘Stable Nuclear’ In 2050 Electricity Mix, Commissioner Tells Conference
28.02.2019 - NucNet News

The European Commission expects a “stable share of nuclear” in what would be a renewables-dominated European electricity mix by 2050, EU climate action and energy commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete told a conference in Brussels.

‘No Obstacles’ To Granting Operating Licence For Finland’s Olkiluoto-3, Regulator Tells Government
27.02.2019 - NucNet News

Finland’s nuclear regulator Stuk has told the government that the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear power plant being built for Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) is safe and that it sees no obstacles to an operating licence being granted for the facility.

French Regulator Puts Back Deadline For Emergency Diesel Generator Installation
27.02.2019 - NucNet News

France’s nuclear regulator ASN has put back the deadline for the installation of additional backup emergency diesel generators at the country’s fleet of commercial nuclear power plants by two years from 31 December 2018 to 31 December 2020.

Swedish Regulator Highlights Radiation Safety Projects In Eastern Europe
26.02.2019 - NucNet News

Sweden’s nuclear regulator SSM was involved in 50 radiation safety projects in 2018 in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova.

Romania Still Planning For New Nuclear, Says Energy Plan
26.02.2019 - NucNet News

Romania is planning to develop energy production capacity with low greenhouse gas emissions, including new nuclear power plants, the government has said in its draft national energy and climate plan.

New Nuclear Will Increase Bulgaria’s Energy Security, Says Energy Plan
26.02.2019 - NucNet News

Bulgaria will maintain the role of nuclear power in its energy mix by 2030 with the construction of new units at Belene expected to increase energy security, the government’s draft national energy and climate plan says.

Nuclear Will Help Replace Fossil Fuels In UK, Says Gov’t Energy Plan
26.02.2019 - NucNet News

The UK will see a gradual decline in fossil fuel-based generation to 2035, with capacity displaced by more renewables and new nuclear-based generation, the government’s draft integrated national energy and climate plan says.

EC Begins Assessment Of Draft Energy And Climate Plans
26.02.2019 - NucNet News
The European Commission is assessing draft national energy and climate plans submitted by member states under energy union rules which entered into force on 24 December 2018.

US ‘Must Set Safety And Security Standards To Compete With Russia And China’
20.02.2019 - NucNet News
The US must continue to set standards for the safety and security of nuclear power plants in the Middle East and beyond as it competes against Russia and China in the nuclear power arena, IP3 International, a company that advocates US nuclear power development, has said.

Spain’s Trillo Nuclear Station Generated 8.27 TWh In 2018
19.02.2019 - NucNet News

Spain’s single-unit Trillo nuclear power station generated 8.27 TWh of electricity in 2018, completing 11-and-a-half consecutive years without an unplanned reactor shutdown, industry group Foro Nuclear said.

Nuclear Will Continue To Grow, But Less Rapidly, Says BP Energy Outlook
18.02.2019 - NucNet News
Nuclear generation will continue to grow until 2040, although less rapidly than overall power generation, with its share of overall power generation declining, the latest edition of BP’s Energy Outlook report says.

European Financing Initiative Should Not Exclude Nuclear, Says Foratom
15.02.2019 - NucNet NewsA European initiative which covers the financing of investments based on environmental, social and governance considerations should refer to low-carbon technologies as a whole to bring it in line with the European Commission’s belief that Europe’s 2050 carbon-free power system will be composed of two low-carbon sources: renewables and nuclear, Brussels-based industry group Foratom has said.

Nuclear Leads Energy Production In Sweden, Statistics Show
15.02.2019 - NucNet News
Sweden’s fleet of eight commercial nuclear power reactors produced 65.8 TWh, or 41.5%, of the country’s electricity in 2018, industry group Swedenergy said.

UK Begins Repository Site Process With Public Consultation Events
14.02.2019 - NucNet News
Radioactive Waste Management has begun the process of finding a host community and a suitable site to construct a deep geological disposal facility for radioactive waste in England or Wales.

IAEA And EU Agree To Increase Cooperation On Nuclear
13.02.2019 - NucNet NewsThe International Atomic Energy Agency and the EU have agreed to increase cooperation on a range of nuclear activities including safety and security, the agency said.

Europe’s Energy Transition Could Result In GDP And Employment Growth, Says Report
12.02.2019 - NucNet News
The successful transition towards a low-carbon economy in Europe could result in a 1.1% growth in GDP and 0.5% growth in employment between now and 2030, a report says.

Belgium Nuclear Phaseout Not Realistic, Says Interior Minister
11.02.2019 - NucNet News
A complete phaseout of nuclear power by 2025 is not realistic, Belgium’s interior minister Pieter De Crem said yesterday.

Vattenfall’s Nuclear Fleet Set Generation Record in 2018
11.02.2019 - NucNet News
Swedish utility Vattenfall’s nuclear operations set a generation record of 55 TWh in 2018, an increase of 3.1 TWh over 2017, the company said in its annual results.

Climate Change: World Heading For Warmest Decade, Says UK Report
07.02.2019 - NucNet News
The world is in the middle of what is likely to be the warmest 10 years since records began in 1850, with the UK Met Office forecasting that temperatures for each of the next five years are likely to be 1C or more above pre-industrial levels.

Poland And Belarus ‘Discussed Belarusian Nuclear Station At Bilateral Meeting’
06.02.2019 - NucNet News

Officials from Poland and Belarus discussed the regulation and supervision of the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power station during a meeting in the Polish city of Gdansk last week, Belarusian state news agency Belta reported.

Republicans And Democrats Must Work Together To Keep Nuclear Plants Open, Says NEI
31.01.2019 - NucNet News

Infrastructure funding is one of the areas US Republicans and Democrats could work together with any deal taking into account the importance of preserving existing nuclear power plants, the Washington-based Nuclear Energy Institute said.

UK Energy Plans Sees Role For Nuclear In Replacing Fossil Fuels

30.01.2019 - NucNet News
The UK’s energy supply emissions are projected to be 69% lower than 1990 levels by 2020 and 73% below by 2030, with fossil fuel generation displaced by renewables and “eventually nuclear”, the government says in a draft national energy and climate plan submitted to the European commission.

Shutdown Plans Do Not Signal ‘Nuclear Exit Strategy’, Says French Minister

30.01.2019 - NucNet News
Nuclear energy plays an important role in France’s energy strategy and plans to permanently shut down four to six reactor units by 2028 do not indicate that the government has a nuclear exit strategy, ecology minister François de Rugy said.

UK Needs To ‘Make Up Its Mind’ On Nuclear, Consider RAB Financing Model, Says Oxford Economist

29.01.2019 - NucNet News
The UK government needs to make up its mind whether it is a serious about nuclear and prepared to do it properly, which means it has to make key strategic decisions, stick to them over the long term and allow a supply chain to be developed and sustained over decades, an economist specialising in energy infrastructure has said.

Saudi Arabia Has Received Nuclear Offers From Five Countries, Says Official

24.01.2019 - NucNet News
Saudi Arabia has received offers from five countries to build the first two nuclear power plants in the kingdom, an official said.

Infographic: Financing Model Is Key As Poland Edges Towards Decision On Nuclear
24.01.2019 - NucNet News

The Polish government is hoping to make a final decision on plans for the country’s first commercial nuclear power reactors in the coming months, but the key to the venture is an agreement on a financing model.

EC Report Says Existing Nuclear Will Be Cheapest Form Of Energy In 2030
23.01.2019 - NucNet News
The average levelised cost of electricity from existing nuclear plants in the European Union will be slightly less than €60/MWh in 2030, making it cheaper than all the other forms of energy, according to a report from the European commission.

Bulgarian Regulator Would Need A Year To Complete Belene Technical Licensing, Says Official
16.01.2019 - NucNet News

The Bulgarian nuclear regulator would need a year to complete the licensing process for the technical aspect of the Belene nuclear power station project, Lachezar Kostov, head of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, told a press conference.

NEI’s Korsnick Renews Calls For Market Reform And Says Nuclear Has Been ‘Taken For Granted’
11.01.2019 - NucNet News

The nuclear sector in the US is under stress because it has been taken for granted in “a perfect storm” created by very low natural gas prices, very low demand increases for electricity and subsidies for other types of generation, Nuclear Energy Institute president and chief executive officer Maria Korsnick said.

Nuclear Led Belgian Energy Production With 48% Share In 2018, Says Forum
10.01.2019 - NucNet News

Belgium’s nuclear fleet produced 48% of the country’s electricity in 2018, making it the country’s main source of energy, the Brussels-based Belgian Nuclear Forum has said.

Prague Conference To Focus On Nuclear In Central And Eastern Europe
03.01.2019 - NucNet News

A nuclear industry conference on 28 and 29 January in Prague, Czech Republic, will focus on nuclear power developments in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including new-build and long-term operation projects.

Regulators Call For National Strategies To Meet Staffing Needs
03.01.2019 - NucNet News
National strategies are needed to ensure a sustainable supply of competent, well-trained regulatory staff who can oversee nuclear safety, regulators have said.

US Regulator Renews Operating Licence For Waterford Nuclear Plant
02.01.2019 - NucNet News

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has renewed the operating licence for the Waterford nuclear power plant in Louisiana for an additional 20 years until 18 December 2044.