News 2013-14

19.12.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear Projects Feature On EC List Of ‘Priority Investments’
Major nuclear energy projects have been included in a list of priority investments that could be financed over the next three years as part of a €315 billion investment plan outlined recently by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. 

18.12.2014 NucNet News
Belgium ‘Approves Lifetime Extensions’ For Doel-1 And -2
Belgian’s federal government today agreed to extend the operating lifetimes of the Doel-1 and Doel-2 nuclear reactor units operated by Electrabel, Belgian media reported. The government approved a number of measures to ensure security of energy supply in Belgium, one of which was the extension of operations for Doel-1 and Doel-2 unit 2025 at the latest, reports said. Regulatory approval for the extensions will be needed. Both units began commercial operation in 1975.

16.12.2014 NucNet News
Sweden Sets Deadline For Introduction Of Independent Core Cooling
All nuclear reactor units in Sweden should have a system of independent core cooling installed by 31 December 2020, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has said.

05.12.2014 NucNet News
Belgium’s Belgoprocess Requests Licence Expansion For Site Decommissioning
Belgium’s Belgoprocess, the company responsible for the handling of radioactive waste, has asked for an expansion of its licence for decommissioning the ‘Site 2’ complex in Mol, near the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN), the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Fanc) said. The expansion will cover dismantling activities between 2015 and 2019 and the facility will be completely dismantled by 2023. ‘Site 2’ was used for packaging and storing radioactive waste produced by SCK•CEN until the mid-1990s. Belgoprocess received a licence to dismantle and decommission parts of the ‘Site 2’ facilities in 2006.

5.12.2014 NucNet News
Finland Approves Hanhikivi-1, Commercial Operation Scheduled In 10 Years

The Finnish Parliament today approved plans by Fennovoima Oyj to build the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear plant at Pyhäjoki, with Fennovoima saying commercial operation is scheduled in 10 years. 

04.12.2014 NucNet News 

Belgium’s Doel-4 Repairs To Be Completed By End 2014
Belgium’s Doel-4 nuclear unit has entered the last phase of repairs and is on schedule to be restarted on 31 December 2014, operator Electrabel has said.

04.12.2014 NucNet News 
France’s IRSN To Investigate Ageing In Reactor Containment Buildings
France’s Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) has announced a new research programme to investigate the ageing of concrete in nuclear reactor containment buildings. 

03.12.2014 NucNet News 
Russia’s TVEL To Supply Fuel For Paks-2
Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL will from next year supply Unit 2 of the Paks nuclear power station in Hungary with fuel enriched to 4.7 percent and in a new 15-month fuel cycle, up from 4.2 percent and 12 months. TVEL will continue to supply fuel to the unit until its recently renewed operating licence expires at the end of 2034, TVEL said.

01.12.2014 NucNet News
IEA Calls For ‘Appropriate Incentives’ For Nuclear And ‘Immediate Decisions’ On Ageing
Appropriate incentives should be used to maintain the nuclear option as part of the European Union’s energy supply and immediate decisions need to be taken regarding the ageing of the EU’s reactor fleet, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in a review of EU energy policies released today. 

28.11.2014 NucNet News
IAEA Praises Dukovany Long-Term Operation Plans
The Dukovany nuclear station in the Czech Republic operates a comprehensive reactor pressure vessel surveillance programme and an effective maintenance strategy focused on the reliability of the technical system, an International Atomic Energy Agency Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation (Salto) review team said. The team, assembled at the request of nuclear operator Czech Nuclear Power Company (CEZ), also highlighted the good practice of active and passive radiation dosimeters installed in many locations in the containment area. The team said management review and management programmes for ageing civil structures need to be completed, and relevant documents, data and knowledge should be “systematically reviewed, archived and shared”. Dukovany has four Russian VVER V-213 pressurised water reactor units.

28.11.2014 NucNet News
Hungary’s Paks-2 Gets Lifetime Extension Licence
Hungary’s Paks-2 nuclear unit has received an extension of its operating licence for 20 years, until 31 December 2034, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) said. Station operator MVM Paksi Atomeromu said it will now focus on receiving similar lifetime extension licences for Paks-3 and -4. Pak-1 received a lifetime extension licence in 2012. According to MVM, the four Russian-designed VVER units at Paks account for 40 percent of Hungary’s power consumption and about 50 percent of domestically generated electricity.

28.11.2014 NucNet News
Finland Parliamentary Committee Approves Hanhikivi Nuclear Project
The Finnish parliament’s finance committee said it approves of the government’s decision-in-principle on an application by Fennovoima Oy to build a Rosatom nuclear reactor unit at Pyhäjoki. The committee said the Hanhikivi-1 project is in the overall interest of society and in accordance with Finland’s Nuclear Energy Act. Final project approval is expected at a parliamentary session on 5 December 2014. If the project is approved, Fennovoima will have until 30 June 2015 to submit an application for a construction licence, the committee said.

26.11.2014 NucNet News
Financial Times Criticises ‘Absurdity’ Of Germany’s Energiewende Policy
Germany’s Energiewende, or “energy change” policy, is increasingly seen by other nations as a lesson in the danger of doing too much too quickly on energy policy, the UK’s Financial Times said today. Highlighting what it called the policy’s “absurdities”, the newspaper said the unreliability of renewables and the exit from nuclear have created an energy supply problem that is “likely to dog Germany for years”. To fill the gap, Berlin has little choice but to rely on electricity generation from dirty coal-fired power stations. A second problem is the impact of the Energiewende on the economy. The cost of government subsidies for green energy is passed directly through to consumers and as a result, German households pay twice as much for electricity as their US counterparts. Prices for industrial customers have risen more than 30 per cent over the past four years, the FT said.

26.11.2014 NucNet News
EU Launches Fund To ‘Remove Fear Factor’ From Major Investments
The European Union today announced a €315 investment plan which will help “remove the fear factor” from high-risk and high-capital investments including those in energy and energy networks, the European Commission’s vice-president for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness Jyrki Katainen said.

21.11.2014 NucNet News
Lifting Of Chernobyl New Safe Confinement Successfully Completed
The lifting of the new safe confinement structure for the Chernobyl-4 nuclear unit in Ukraine has been completed, the project’s lead contractor Vinci Construction Grands Projets has said. The confinement structure comprises two semi-arches, each of which has undergone three lifting operations. The latest lifting procedure allows work to begin on the assembling of the two halves and installation of the structure’s ventilation, power supply and control systems, after which the structure will be moved to cover the nuclear unit. The process is scheduled to be completed in 2017 and will create safe conditions for the dismantling of the reactor, Vinci said.

18.11.2014 NucNet News
Sweden And Norway To Cooperate With Ukraine On Safety And Security
Sweden, Norway and Ukraine said in a joint statement today they are in the process of implementing “a number of projects” in nuclear safety and security. The projects deal with areas including improved regulatory guidelines, safety analysis, systems monitoring and upgraded physical protection systems in Ukraine. The projects are intended to “strengthen Ukraine’s independence and its ability to choose international partners” when purchasing nuclear materials and technology for its nuclear industry, the statement said. 

07.11.2014 NucNet News
Life Without Nuclear Is Not Realistic, Says Belgium’s New Energy Minister
Claims that Belgium can do without nuclear energy are not realistic, Marie-Christine Marghem, the country’s new energy minister, said in an interview with the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper. “If someone claims that our country can do without nuclear energy in the medium- and long-term, they are lying or are not being realistic,” she said. “I wish we could do without nuclear power, but today I cannot say whether this is possible.” Mrs Merghem said Belgium’s new coalition government, which took office last month, will need “a couple of years” to determine what the long-term energy mix should be. In 2011, Belgium decided that it will phase out its seven commercial nuclear reactors by 2025.

06.11.2014 NucNet News
Sellafield ‘Working Non-Stop’ To Make Sure Ponds Are Safe And Secure
The condition of two open-air storage ponds built in the 1950s and 60s at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria, England is well known and well understood, with work going on around the clock, seven days a week to ensure they remain safe and secure, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has said.

06.11.2014 NucNet News
Slovakia Approves Long-Term Plans For Nuclear Expansion
The Slovak government has approved a long-term energy plan based on a further expansion of nuclear power, cautious development of renewables, and reducing dependence on locally produced and imported coal. The framework reiterates the government’s target of building a new nuclear plant by 2030 at the Jaslovske Bohunice site, after two new reactors, Slovsnske Elektarne’s Mochovce-3 and -4, are completed. 

31.10.2014 NucNet News
Czech Ministry Gives Go-Ahead For Repository Assessment At Seven Locations
The Czech Republic’s Ministry of the Environment has approved an application by the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (Súrao) for site assessment activities to begin at seven potential repository locations. 

30.10.2014 NucNet News
Panel Of Experts To Analyse Doel-3, Tihange-2 RPV Mechanical Tests
Belgium’s Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Fanc), the country’s regulator, has appointed a panel of eight international experts to analyse the results of the mechanical resistance tests being performed on samples from the reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) of Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear units, Fanc said. The expert panel will review the impact of radiation on the mechanical properties of a material affected by flaw indications due to hydrogen flaking and the transposition of the results on the two RPVs. They will consider the raw results from the test series and the hypotheses formulated by nuclear station operator Electrabel to explain the results of the fracture toughness test. 

28.10.2014 NucNet News
Proposed French Waste Facility Not A Threat To Other Member States, Says EC
The disposal of radioactive waste from the planned Diadem radioactive waste storage facility at the ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) site in Marcoule, southern France, is not liable to result in significant radioactive contamination in another member state, even in the event of an accident, the European Commission has said.

23.10.2014 NucNet News
Belgium’s New Coalition Government Lays Out Plans For Nuclear
Possible lifetime extensions for the Doel-1 and -2 nuclear reactor units in Belgium will not go beyond 2025, the agreement for the country’s new centre-right federal government says.

20.10.2014 NucNet News
No Radioactive Risk From France’s St. Laurent Dismantling, Says EC
The disposal of radioactive waste from the first and second stages of the dismantling of the St. Laurent A nuclear power station in central France is not liable to result in significant radioactive contamination in another member state, even in the event of an accident, the European Commission has said.

17.10.2014 NucNet News
OKG ‘Violated Regulations’ Over Oskarshamn Dose Assessment
The operator of the Oskarshamn nuclear station in Sweden has violated regulations by failing to submit predicted collective dose information and radiation protection actions for renovation work at Unit 2, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) said today.

10.10.2014 NucNet News
Consortium Wins Contract For Possible Kozloduy Life Extension
Unit 5 at Bulgaria’s Kozloduy nuclear power plant could get a life extension for up to 60 years of operation after the signing of a contract with a French-Russian consortium consisting of Russian companies Rosenergoatom and Rosatom Service, and France’s EDF. 

09.10.2014 NucNet News
Spain’s Nuclear Regulator Approves Trillo Operating Licence Until 2024
Spain’s Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has approved renewal of the operating licence of the single-unit Trillo nuclear power station in Guadalajara, central Spain, until 2024, CSN said in a statement.

08.10.2014 NucNet News
Sweden Waits For Details Of Proposed Energy Commission
Details of a proposed energy commission to be set up by Sweden’s new coalition government are not yet known, although its goal will be to create “a sustainable energy agreement” with the aim of replacing nuclear with renewables, the country’s Green Party has said.

08.10.2014 NucNet News
EC Approves State Aid Package For UK’s Hinkley Point
The European Commission (EC) has approved a modified state aid package for the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset, paving the way for construction to begin on the first nuclear reactors in the UK in almost 25 years.

06.10.2014 NucNet News
Hunterston Cracks Have No Safety Implications, Says EDF Energy
Cracks found in graphite moderator bricks at the Hunterston B-1 nuclear reactor in Scotland will not affect the reactor’s operation and have no safety implications, operator EDF Energy has said.

02.10.2014 NucNet News
Challenge For Poland Is To Find Financing Model For Nuclear, Report Says
The biggest challenge Poland faces in building new nuclear power stations is for any investor and the government to find a financing model which will produce a positive return on investment and not be classified by the European Commission as illegal state aid, a report says.

01.10.2014 NucNet News
France’s Nuclear Closures Will Cost €40 Billion, Says Report

The reduction of France’s nuclear share from 75 percent today to 50 percent will cost as much as €40 billion on top of the cost of investing in a proposed “energy transition”, a parliamentary report says. 

26.09.2014 NucNet News

Westinghouse Completes Acquisition Of Italy’s Mangiarotti

US-based Westinghouse Electric Company has completed its acquisition of Mangiarotti SpA, the Italy-based manufacturer of components for the nuclear, oil and gas industries that makes dozens of key components for the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor.

26.09.2014 NucNet News
Berlin Summit To Address Decommissioning Strategies
An industry summit to be held in Berlin early next year will address decommissioning strategies and examine case studies of how to shorten the decommissioning process, organisers said.

26.09.2014 NucNet News
Finland Rejects Extension For Olkiluoto-4 Construction Licence Application
Finland’s government has rejected an application from utility Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) to extend the construction licence application period for the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear reactor, a statement said.

23.09.2014 NucNet News
UK Announces GBP 8 Million For Next Generation Of Nuclear Workers
UK business secretary Vince Cable has announced eight million pounds (GBP) (13.1 million US dollars, 10.7 million euros) of funding to train the next generation of nuclear technicians and engineers.

18.09.2014 NucNet News
Finland Gov’t Approves Hanhikivi-1, But Delays Decision On Olkiluoto-4
Finland’s government today approved in principle an application by Fennovoima Oyj for a construction licence to build the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear station in Pyhäjoki.

18.09.2014 NucNet News
IAEA Says Uncertain Economy Could Affect Slovenia Regulator
The Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA) has made “significant progress” in addressing the findings of a 2011 International Atomic Energy Agency mission, although the uncertain economic situation in the country might affect SNSA’s ability to maintain its capacity and competence, the Vienna-based agency has said.

16.09.2014 NucNet News
Ministry Casts Doubt On Construction Licence For Olkiluoto-4
Plans by Teollisuuden Voima Oyi (TVO) to extend the application period for a licence to construct Olkiluoto-4 should be rejected because of “uncertainties” with the existing Olkiluoto-3 EPR project, Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy has said.

15.09.2014 NucNet News
Regulator Emphasises Conditions For Doel-1 And Doel-2 Lifetime Extensions
Belgium’s nuclear regulator will not approve the long-term operation of the country’s two oldest reactor units, Doel-1 and Doel-2, unless security and safety are upgraded in line with conditions set out in an action plan published in 2012.

12.09.2014 NucNet News
Finland’s Fennovoima Appoints New Chief Executive Officer
Finland utility Fennovoima Oy, which is planning to build a Russian VVER reactor unit at Hanhikivi, has appointed Toni Hemminki as chief executive officer, the company said.

09.09.2014 NucNet News
Replacing Russia’s Kursk Station To Cost EUR 8 Billion, Rosatom Says
Investment in all four units of the proposed Kursk 2 nuclear power station, planned to replace the existing Kursk station, will total more than 400 billion Russian roubles (RUB) (about 8.3 billion euros, 10.7 billion US dollars), Russian state nuclear power company Rosatom said.

05.09.2014 NucNet News
NuGen Re-Commences Site Assessment Work At UK’s Moorside
The UK-based nuclear energy company planning to build three Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at the Moorside nuclear site in Cumbria, England, has re-commenced site assessment work.

05.09.2014 NucNet News
EDF Energy Announces Plans To Restart Heysham A And Hartlepool
EDF Energy expects to restart its two-unit Heysham A and Hartlepool gas-cooled reactor stations in phases between the end of October and the end of December, the UK company said.

05.09.2014 NucNet News
Dounreay Sends Seventeenth Nuclear Waste Shipment To Belgium
The seventeenth shipment of cemented radioactive waste from Scotland’s Dounreay nuclear site to Belgium has been completed, Belgium’s Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC), has said.

05.09.2014 NucNet News
Magwood Starts Work As NEA Director-General
William Magwood has taken up his duties as the new director-general of the Paris-based Nuclear Energy Agency, succeeding Luis Echávarri who has retired after serving as director-general since 1997.

05.09.2014 NucNet News
Belgian Regulator Says Doel-3, Tihange-2 To Stay Offline This Winter
Belgium’s Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear units, both of which have been shut down since March, will not restart this winter, Jan Bens, director of Belgium’s Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Fanc), told parliament.

04.09.2014 NucNet News
Three State Enterprises Take 30% Stake In Polish Nuclear Company
Polish state-controlled utilities Tauron and Enea and copper miner KGHM will buy a total of 30 percent of PGE EJ1, the company preparing plans to build and operate the first nuclear power station in Poland.

03.09.2014 NucNet News
Construction Progresses At Three Nuclear Stations In Russia
Russia’s nuclear engineering services provider Atomenergoprom has announced progress at three nuclear new-build projects.

03.09.2014 NucNet News
Russia Confirms Decommissioning Of RB-10/1 Research Reactor
The RB-10/1 research reactor in southwest Russia has been fully decommissioned and removed from the site, with some of its components used to increase the capacity of a sister unit, Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom has said.

02.09.2014 - NucNet News
Romania Begins Selection Procedure For Investor In Cernavoda-3 And -4
Romania’s state-owned utility Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica has begun a competitive selection procedure to find a private investor for the construction of Units 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda nuclear station, a statement said. 

01.09.2014 - NucNet News
F4E Signs Major Iter Diagnostics Contract With Spain-Based Idom Ada
A contract worth 20 million euros (26 million US dollars) has been awarded to Spain-based Idom Ada for the integration of diagnostic instruments into vacuum vessel ports at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) under construction at Cadarache in southern France.

01.09.2014 - NucNet News
New Startup Date For Olkiluoto-3 Is 2018, Areva Announces
Construction of the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear reactor in Finland will be completed in mid-2016 with commissioning starting at the same time and commercial operation now scheduled for 2018, putting the reactor about nine years behind its original schedule, Areva said today.

29.08.2014 - NucNet News
Westinghouse To Provide Oskarshamn Nuclear Fuel
Westinghouse Electric Company will provide replacement nuclear fuel deliveries for all of OKG AB’s three reactors at the Oskarshamn nuclear station in Sweden. The contract includes yearly deliveries of fuel for the three boiling water reactors from 2016 to 2020.

28.08.2014 - NucNet News
Hitachi-GE ABWR Completes Initial Stage Of UK Design Assessment
The UK’s joint nuclear regulators have completed their initial high level assessment of Hitachi-GE’s UK advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR) nuclear power plant design, with the process now due to progress to its next, more detailed stage.

26.08.2014 - NucNet News
Ukraine Starts Construction Of Centralised Fuel Storage Facility
Ukraine has begun construction in the Chernobyl exclusion zone of a centralised store for spent nuclear fuel from the country’s Russian-built VVER reactors, state nuclear operator Energoatom has said.

19.08.2014 - NucNet News 
‘No Impediment’ To Olkiluoto-4 Application Period Extension, Finland Regulator Says
The Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Stuk) sees no impediment in terms of safety to the extension of the application period for a licence to construct a fourth nuclear power unit at the Olkiluoto site, Stuk has said in a statement.

18.08.2014 - NucNet News 
Damaged Fuel Successfully Moved From Hungary To Russia
Thirty nuclear fuel assemblies damaged as a result of an incident at Hungary’s Paks nuclear power station in 2003 have been successfully transported to Russia for reprocessing, MVM Paks, the station’s operator, has said.

18.08.2014 - NucNet News 
Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Plant Equipment Ready For Delivery From Russia
Russia’s nuclear fuel company TVEL, a subsidiary of state nuclear power company Rosatom, is ready to deliver equipment for the production of nuclear fuel elements at Ukraine’s nuclear fuel plant, TVEL has said.

15.08.2014 - NucNet News 
Westinghouse Wins Contract For Olkiluoto Reactor Pumps
Westinghouse Electric Company has won a contract from Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), operator of Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear power station, for the delivery of 12 advanced reactor internal pumps for the Olkiluoto-1 and -2 boiling water reactor (BWR) units, Westinghouse has said.

14.08.2014 - NucNet News 
“Significant Damage” To Keep Belgium's Doel-4 Offline Until End Of 2014, Electrabel Says
Belgium’s Doel-4 nuclear unit will remain offline until 31 December 2014 due to “significant damage” of the high-pressure section of its turbine, owner and operator Electrabel has said.

12.08.2014 - NucNet News 
Belgium’s Doel-4 To Remain Offline Until 15 September As Investigation Begins
Belgium’s Doel-4 nuclear unit will remain shut down until 15 September while the unit’s owner and operator Electrabel investigates whether there is any damage to the steam turbine, the company has said in a statement.

11.08.2014 - NucNet News 
EDF Energy Shuts Down UK Reactors To Investigate Possible Defect
EDF Energy has shut down two reactors at the Heysham A nuclear power station and two reactors at the Hartlepool nuclear station after a possible defect was detected on the spine of one boiler at Heysham A unit 1 (Heysham A-1), EDF Energy has said in a statement.

01.08.2014 - NucNet News
Spain Regulator Sets Conditions For Garoña Restart
Spain’s Nuclear Safety Council (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, CSN) has given Nuclenor, operator of the single-unit Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear power station, until the end of September to provide a schedule for meeting a series of requirements for the reactor’s restart.

01.08.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear To Remain At Centre Of French Energy Policy, Says Royal
Nuclear energy generation will gradually decrease but will remain at the centre of France’s energy transition for 2030 and 2050 under a new law which was presented this week.

01.08.2014 NucNet News
Westinghouse Announces Agreement On New Unit At Bulgaria’s Kozloduy
Westinghouse Electric Company has signed a shareholder agreement following consultations with all Bulgarian political parties for the construction of a single AP1000 reactor unit at the Kozloduy nuclear power station, the company announced today. 

28.07.2014 NucNet News
Candu Energy Signs Agreement For Romania’s Cernavoda-3 And -4
Candu Energy has signed an “exclusive and binding” agreement with China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) for the construction of two Candu reactors at the Cernavoda nuclear station in Romania, Candu Energy said in a statement.

23.07.2014 NucNet News
Decommissioning Projects Begin At Lithuania’s Ignalina-2
Two major decommissioning projects have begun at Unit 2 of the Ignalina nuclear power station in Lithuania with the removal of contaminated components from the turbine hall and dismantling of emergency core cooling system (ECCS) pressurised tanks.

23.07.2014 NucNet News
Electrabel To ‘Reconsider’ Nuclear After Belgium Tax Ruling
Electrabel will reconsider its operation of nuclear power stations in Belgium because a tax imposed by the government has brought the company into “an unfavourable economic position”, the nuclear operator said in a statement.

21.07.2014 NucNet News
Swedish Regulator Gives Go-Ahead For European Research Facility
Sweden’s Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has approved construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) research facility at Lund in southern Sweden, although further licences will be needed before the facility can operate. 

18.07.2014 NucNet News
Report Outlines Investment In UK Nuclear Energy Projects
There was two billion pounds (GBP) (3.4 billion US dollars, 2.5 billion euros) of estimated investment in nuclear power between 2010 and 2013 in the UK, the government has said in a report. 
The report is online:

18.07.2014 NucNet News
Areva To Train I&C Specialists In Slovakia
Areva has established a partnership with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava to train specialists in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems, the company said in a statement.

18.07.2014 NucNet News
Construction Licence For Hanhikivi-1 To Be Submitted In June 2015
The application for a construction licence for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear reactor project will be submitted to Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) by the end of June 2015, the Russian technology provider for the project, Rusatom Overseas, has said.

17.07.2014 NucNet News
Nuclenor Fined EUR 18.4 Million Over Early Closure Of Garoña
Nuclenor, operator of the Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear power station in Spain, has been fined 18.4 million euros (EUR) (25 million US dollars) by the Spanish National Commission on Financial Markets and Competition (CNMC) in relation to its decision to shut down the station before its operating licence expired, the commission has said in a statement.

16.07.2014 NucNet News
Areva Wins Contract To Dismantle Swedish Research Reactors
Areva has been awarded a contract by SVAFO, a company owned by four Swedish nuclear station operators, to dismantle the R2-0 and R2 research reactors near Nyköping, Sweden, with work expected to begin next year.

16.07.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear Park Generates 19.7% Of Spain’s Electricity
Spain’s seven commercially operating power reactors generated 19.7 percent of the country’s total demand for electricity in 2013 and had an average availability factor of 89.4 percent, industry group Foro Nuclear said.

11.07.2014 NucNet News
IAEA Signs Nuclear Security Agreement With Bulgarian University
The International Atomic Energy Agency and the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria signed an agreement on cooperation in education and research in nuclear security under which the two institutions will work together on a master’s degree programme and scientific research on nuclear security.

08.07.2014 NucNet News
Europe Formally Adopts New Nuclear Safety Directive
The EU’s amended Nuclear Safety Directive has been officially adopted, providing “more power and independence” for national regulatory authorities, a high-level EU-wide safety objective, and a European system of peer reviews.

07.07.2014 NucNet News
Spain Conference Hears Of Challenges Facing Nuclear Sector
The nuclear energy industry must address the issue of continuing to supply a highly qualified and experienced workforce despite the growing generation gap between senior and young employees in the sector, the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Burgos, Spain, has heard.

03.07.2014 NucNet News
Ukraine and Holtec Sign Contract For Construction Of Chernobyl Repository
Ukraine’s state nuclear operator Energoatom and Holtec International have signed an agreement for the construction of a centralised repository for spent nuclear fuel at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. 

02.07.2014 NucNet News
Regulator Grants Russia’s Kalinin-1 Life Extension Until 2025
Russia’s nuclear regulator Rostechnadzor has approved the life extension of unit 1 of the Kalinin nuclear power station and has issued a new 10-year licence for the unit, Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom has said.

01.07.2014 NucNet News
Borssele-1 Begins Using MOX Fuel Supplied By Areva
The single-unit Borssele nuclear power station in the Netherlands has begun to use mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel elements fabricated by France’s Areva, the first such fuel used in the unit, Areva said.

30.06.2014 NucNet News
Russia’s Beloyarsk-4 Fast Neutron Reactor Achieves First Criticality
The Russian BN-800 Beloyarsk-4 fast neutron reactor achieved first criticality on 27 June 2014 at 13:00 Moscow time, Russian state nuclear power plant operator Rosenergoatom said in a statement.

30.06.2014 NucNet News
Toshiba Finalises Controlling Stake In UK Nuclear Company NuGen
Toshiba Corporation of Japan has acquired a controlling stake in NuGeneration Ltd (NuGen), the UK-based nuclear energy company that plans to build three Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at the Moorside nuclear site in Cumbria, northwest England.

27.06.2014 NucNet News
Kozloduy Follow-Up Osart Mission Publishes Findings
A follow-up mission has found that operators of the twin-unit Kozloduy nuclear power station in Bulgaria have achieved the level of “resolved” or “satisfactory progress” in all of the recommendations and suggestions made by an International Atomic Energy Agency Operational Safety Review Team (Osart) mission in 2012. 

26.06.2014 NucNet News
Hungarian Parliament Approves Russian Loan For New Units At Paks
The Hungarian Parliament has approved a treaty with Russia on the financing of two new nuclear units planned at the Paks nuclear power station.

26.06.2014 NucNet News
Swedish Nuclear Regulator Sets Revised Nuclear Waste Fees
The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has published revised nuclear waste management fees that must be paid by every institution licensed to operate a nuclear facility in Sweden.

25.06.2014 NucNet News
Russia’s Beloyarsk-4 Ready To Begin Nuclear Reaction
Russia’s BN-800 fast neutron reactor unit Beloyarsk-4 has enough fuel loaded into the reactor to begin a nuclear reaction, the operator of Russia’s nuclear power plants, Rosenergoatom, has said.

23.06.2014 NucNet News
BKW Has Made Progress With Mühleberg Recommendations, Says IAEA
The operator of the single-unit Mühleberg nuclear power station in Switzerland has “resolved” or made “satisfactory progress” with all recommendations made by an Operational Safety Review Team (Osart) mission undertaken in October 2012, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

20.06.2014 NucNet News
France Confirms Plans To Cut Nuclear Share To 50 Percent
The French government published an energy transition bill outlining its intention to reduce the nuclear share in electricity production from 75 percent today to 50 percent by 2025.

19.06.2014 NucNet News
OKG Extends Oskarshamn-2 Safety Modernisation, Delays Restart
OKG, operator of Sweden’s three-unit Oskarshamn nuclear station, has decided to extend the safety modernisation of the station’s second unit, delaying the restart of the reactor at least until after winter, a statement said.

18.06.2014 NucNet News
UK And China Sign ‘Landmark’ Deal On Nuclear Cooperation 
The UK and Chinese governments have signed a “landmark” agreement which confirms that Chinese companies could own and operate a Chinese designed nuclear power station in the UK, provided they meet the stringent requirements of the UK’s independent nuclear regulator.

13.06.2014 - NucNet News
Belgium’s Doel-3 And Tihange-2 To Remain Shut Until Autumn, Electrabel Says
Belgium’s Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear reactors will remain shut until autumn because of continuing issues related to their reactor pressure vessels (RPVs), operator Electrabel, a subsidiary of GDF Suez, has said.

13.06.2014 - NucNet News
Ukraine Signs Nuclear Agreement With Poland Utility
Ukraine’s state nuclear operator Energoatom and Polish utility Polenergia International signed an agreement to identify areas of “future cooperation” in nuclear energy.

11.06.2014 - NucNet News
Council Approves Revised Nuclear Safety Directive For Europe
The Permanent Representatives Committee of the European Council, composed of ambassadors of the 28 EU member states, has approved a revised nuclear safety directive for Europe.

06.06.2014 - NucNet News
Westinghouse Signs Kozloduy Agreements With Three Bulgarian Companies
Westinghouse Electric Company has signed agreements with three Bulgarian companies related to the possible construction of an AP1000 Generation III+ nuclear reactor unit at the Kozloduy nuclear site.

06.06.2014 - NucNet News
ASN Nuclear Safety Report Says ‘No New Major Problems’ In 2013
France’s nuclear regulator ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) rated four events at Level 2 and 126 at Level 1 on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES) in 2013, a report says.

04.06.2014 - NucNet News
Areva To Start Work On Modernisation Projects At Switzerland’s Gösgen
Kernkraft Gösgen-Däniken AG, the owner and operator of the single-unit Gösgen nuclear power station in Switzerland, has signed a contract with Areva GmbH, the German subsidiary of French group Areva SA, to carry out two modernisation projects at the facility.

02.06.2014 - NucNet News
Ministry Approves EIA Report For Finland’s Hanhikivi-1
Finland’s ministry of employment and the economy (MEE) has approved Fennovoima’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for the proposed Hanhikivi-1 nuclear station project, but has called for more information related to the impact of warm cooling water to be discharged into the sea.

30.05.2014 - NucNet News
IYNC 2014 In Spain Will Cover Key Topics For Young Generation
This year’s International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) will cover key topics such as nuclear safety, and education and training, and will include speakers with expertise in regulation, safety and operations. 

28.05.2014 - NucNet News
EC Proposes Diversification Of Fuel Supplies As Condition For New Nuclear
The diversification of nuclear fuel supplies could become a condition for any new investment in nuclear power stations to be built in the EU, especially when using non-EU technology, the European Commission says in its European Energy Security Strategy released today.

27.05.2014 - NucNet News
Nuclenor Submits Request For Reopening Of Garoña
Nuclenor has submitted a request to renew the operating licence for the single-unit Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear power station in Spain to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the company has said in a statement.

27.05.2014 - NucNet News
France’s State Auditor Says EDF’s Nuclear Costs Are Increasing
EDF’s costs to produce nuclear power from its fleet of 58 nuclear reactors in France are increasing as investment needed to keep aging reactors safe over the next two decades could reach 90 billion euros (EUR) (123 billion US dollars), the state auditor said.

22.05.2014 - NucNet News
French Nuclear Can Help Germany’s Energy Transition, Says Report
Stable and reliable nuclear reactors in commercial operation in France can supply baseload energy to Germany as it undergoes its transition to renewables, a report for the French senate on cooperation between France and Germany says. 

21.05.2014 - NucNet News
Construction Of First Reactor Will Begin Around 2020, Poland Utility Says
The construction of the first nuclear power unit in Poland will begin “around 2020”, energy utility company Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) has said in its strategy for the years 2014-2020. 

20.05.2014 - NucNet News
Fennovoima Signs Agreement On Hanhikivi Employment
Finland’s Fennovoima, owner of the planned Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power station to be built at Pyhäjoki on Finland’s west coast, has signed an agreement with Finnish labour market organisations and technology provider Rusatom Overseas on common rules for the construction site, the company said in a statement. 

19.05.2014 - NucNet News
Bern Voters Reject Bid To Close Mühleberg Immediately
Voters in the Swiss canton of Bern yesterday rejected an initiative to prematurely shut down the single-unit Mühleberg nuclear station, which is scheduled for closure in 2019. 

16.05.2014 - NucNet News
France Plans Introduction Of Commercial Fast Neutron Reactors In 2040
France is planning to introduce commercial fast neutron nuclear reactors (FNRs) in 2040 and to phase out its operational Generation II light water reactors (LWRs) by 2050, a conference has heard.

GMF's Hungarian municipalities visit Spanish nuclear facilities

A delegation from Hungary, including GMF's vicepresident, Csaba Dohoczki, visited two Spanish nuclear facilities. On monday 12 they visited Trillo nuclear power plant; on tuesday 13, they visited El Cabril, the Spanish low and medium level nuclear waste 
central storage.

13.05.2014 NucNet News
CEA Chairman Urges France To Build 35 New Reactors
France will need to build at least 35 new nuclear reactors over the next 35 years if it is to meet its target of generating 50 percent of its electricity from nuclear, a conference has heard. 

12.05.2014 NucNet News
Poland Plans 12% Nuclear Share By 2030, Conference Hears
Poland is planning to generate 12 percent of its electricity from nuclear by 2030 with its first reactor in commercial operation in 2024, a conference has heard.

06.05.2014 NucNet News
German Atomic Forum President Calls For Certainty On Radwaste Disposal 
A change in priorities is needed at Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection in an effort to resolve outstanding questions about the storage and disposal of radioactive waste in Germany, German Atomic Forum president Ralf Güldner has said.

06.05.2014 NucNet News
France And Japan Announce Cooperation On Generation IV Astrid FBR
France and Japan will cooperate on the development of Generation IV fast breeder reactors (FBR) including the Astrid project, which is under development in France.

05.05.2014 NucNet News
Finland To Help Saudi Arabia Set Up Nuclear Regulator
Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Stuk) is cooperating with Saudi authorities on setting up a radiation and nuclear safety authority as “the first practical step” towards a civilian nuclear energy programme in Saudi Arabia, a statement said. 

02.05.2014 NucNet News
First Layer Of Concrete For Flamanville-3 EPR Dome Complete
The first layer of concrete has been poured to cover the metal dome on the reactor building of the Flamanville-3 EPR in France, EDF has said.

01.05.2014 NucNet News
Sellafield And Tepco To Sign Agreement On Decommissioning
An agreement will be signed today between Sellafield Ltd and Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) as the “first step” towards formal arrangements that will see the two organisations cooperate on decommissioning and clean-up, Sellafield Ltd said in a statement. 

29.04.2014 NucNet News
Swedish Regulator Begins Public Consultation On Repository Project
Sweden’s nuclear regulator will take public comments until 31 October 2014 on nuclear fuel and waste management company SKB’s plan to build a deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel. 

29.04.2014 NucNet News
German Researchers ‘Open Door’ To Independent Reactor Core Monitoring
Research into the antineutrino spectrum of uranium-238 has “opened the door” to independent monitoring of reactor core contents from outside the pressure vessel or reactor container using a new generation of smaller antineutrino detectors, physicists in Germany have said. 

25.04.2014 NucNet News
Turkey Summit Plans To Address Public Concerns About Nuclear
The nuclear industry in Turkey, where there are plans to build a nuclear station at Akkuyu, is organising a summit to explain the benefits of nuclear energy and why it should be part of a low-carbon energy mix.

25.04.2014 NucNet News
Mining Licence Granted For Spain’s Retortillo Uranium Deposit
Berkeley Resources said it has been granted a mining licence for the Retortillo uranium deposit, part of its flagship Salamanca Project in western Spain.

25.04.2014 NucNet News
Holtec Wins SKB Transport Cask Contract
US-based Holtec International has been awarded a contract by Swedish nuclear fuel and waste management company SKB for the design, licensing and supply of a Type B Transport Cask for operational and decommissioning radioactive waste. 

25.04.2014 NucNet News
EDF Needs To Take Action On Duration Of Shutdowns, Says Regulator
Nuclear operator EDF should take “priority action” to deal with the possible safety implications of a “significant increase” in the duration of maintenance shutdowns for French nuclear reactors in 2013, nuclear safety authority ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) has said.

24.04.2014 NucNet News
Rosatom Designs Nuclear Waste Transportation Cask For Fast Reactors
A storage and transportation cask which can hold one-and-a-half times more spent fuel than existing designs and can accommodate fuel from fast-neutron reactors has been unveiled by Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom, Russian media has reported.

24.04.2014 NucNet News
Ukraine Allocates Land At Chernobyl For VVER Spent Fuel Storage Facility
Ukraine’s government has approved a decree allocating land in the Chernobyl exclusion zone to build a centralised store for spent nuclear fuel from the country’s Russian-built VVER reactors, state nuclear operator Energoatom has said. 

23.04.2014 NucNet News
‘No Regulatory Reason’ Why Erosion Should Close Drigg Low-Level Waste Repository
There is no regulatory reason a radioactive waste repository in northwest England should not continue to perform its function, despite the possibility of coastal erosion, an Environmental Agency document says.

18.04.2014 NucNet News
UK Conference To Include Special Sessions On Deep Geological Disposal
A nuclear industry conference to be held in the UK next month will examine cost-effective nuclear decommissioning and waste management programmes with interactive sessions on “the uncertainty” surrounding deep geological disposal, organisers said.

18.04.2014 NucNet News
Anglo-French Joint Venture Is Preferred Bidder For Sellafield Contract
The joint venture a.m.a has been chosen as preferred bidder for the silos direct encapsulation (SDP) project at Sellafield in Cumbria, England, Sellafield Ltd said in a statement. 

18.04.2014 NucNet News
Areva Withdraws Appeal Over Disqualification From Temelín Tender
France’s Areva has withdrawn an appeal lodged with a Czech court over a decision in 2012 to disqualify it from the tender process to supply two new nuclear reactor units at the Temelín nuclear station. 

16.04.2014 NucNet News
"Intolerable Risks" At Sellafield Are The Priority, Says NDA Business Plan
The remediation of "all intolerable risks" in the legacy ponds and silos at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria remains a priority, with planned expenditure at the site for the financial year 2014-2015 of 1.8 billion pounds (GBP) (3 billion US dollars, 2.1 billion euros), the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has said.

15.04.2014 NucNet News
Fennovoima Owners Make Binding Decision To Proceed With Hanhikivi-1
The owners of Finland’s Fennovoima, which is planning to build a new Russian-supplied nuclear reactor in Finland, today made a binding decision to finance and construct the plant.

15.04.2014 NucNet News
German Court Orders Provisional Refund Of Nuclear Fuel Tax
The finance court in Hamburg has ordered the provisional refund of a nuclear fuel tax worth more than 2.2 billion euros (EUR) (2.5 billion US dollars) to Germany's nuclear power plant operators, the court said in a statement yesterday.

14.04.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear Can Make A Contribution, But Barriers Remain, Says IPCC
Nuclear energy could make an increasing contribution to low‐carbon energy supply, but a variety of barriers to its use remain, a new report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes. 

11.04.2014 NucNet News
Germany Aims To Slow Renewable Growth After Price Rises
Reforms to Germany’s law on renewable energy, approved this week by the cabinet, seek to address rising energy price rises for domestic consumers by making the expansion of renewables more gradual and predictable, while revising the policy on financial support. 

11.04.2014 NucNet News
Westinghouse Extends Nuclear Fuel Deliveries To Ukraine
Westinghouse Electric Company and the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (NNEGC Energoatom) today agreed to a contract extension for fuel deliveries to Ukrainian nuclear power plants until 2020. 

11.04.2014 NucNet News
Finland Regulator Approves Design Of Olkiluoto-3 I&C System
The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Stuk) has approved the design of the instrumentation and control system for Olkiluoto-3, but wants additional analysis about what could happen if the system fails, Teollisuuden Voima Oy and Stuk said in separate statements.

10.04.2014 NucNet News
CEZ Points To EU Uncertainty As Tender For Temelín-3 And -4 Is Cancelled
Czech utility CEZ has cancelled the tender to build two new reactor units at the Temelín nuclear station in the Czech Republic, blaming the European Union’s failure to clearly define long-term parameters for energy policy.

10.04.2014 NucNet News
Uzbekistan Research Reactor HEU Fuel To Return To Russia
Russia and Uzbekistan have signed an intergovernmental agreement for the removal and export to Russia of highly-enriched uranium (HEU) fuel from Uzbekistan’s IIN-3M research reactor in Tashkent, Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom has said.

09.04.2014 NucNet News
Independent Scotland Would Need To Negotiate Access To Sellafield, Says Report
In the event of Scotland becoming an independent state, the Scottish government would need to ensure nuclear sites undergoing decommissioning have access to the waste and spent fuel management and disposal services in England, a report says today.

09.04.2014 NucNet News
UK Regulator Allocates Budget For ‘National Priority’ Of Sellafield
The UK nuclear regulator’s budget for 2014-2015 is 62.7 million pounds (GBP) (104 million US dollars, 76 million euros), GBP five million of which will go towards the “national priority” of hazard reduction and remediation at the Sellafield nuclear site in northwest England, a report shows.

08.04.2014 NucNet News
EC Unfairly Discredits Nuclear Energy In Hinkley Analysis, Says Foratom
The European Commission “unfairly discredits nuclear energy” and “fails to make an objective comparison” when it addresses the potential environmental impact of the UK’s proposed investment contract for the construction of two EPR reactors at the Hinkley Point C nuclear station in England, a European industry group has said.

04.04.2014 NucNet News

IAEA Calls On Turkey To Establish Independent Nuclear Regulator

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has urged Turkey to enact a law on nuclear energy which establishes an independent regulatory body, the Vienna-based agency said.

04.04.2014 NucNet News

Testing Of Olkiluoto-3 I&C System Begins In Germany

The testing phase has begun in Germany for the instrumentation and control (I&C) system that will be installed at the Olkiluoto-3 EPR in Finland, reactor vendor Areva said.

02.04.2014 NucNet News

Sweden Publishes Proposal On Independent Core Cooling For Reactors

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has published a proposal regarding the design of a new independent core cooling function to be installed at nuclear power plants in Sweden by 2020.

27.03.2014 NucNet News

Poland’s ‘Atomic Bus’ Wins Pime Award For Communication

The European Nuclear Society’s Pime award for communication excellence in the nuclear sector has gone to the Polish Atomic Forum Foundation and its Atomic Bus mobile laboratory project, which was set up in 2010. Łukasz Koszuk, foundation president, explains the project’s merits and challenges.

26.03.2014 NucNet News

Belgium Shuts Down Doel-3 And Tihange-2 After Unexpected RPV Test Results

The Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear reactor units in Belgium were shut down today after tests related to the reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) showed “unexpected results”, Electrabel, a subsidiary of French energy company GDF Suez and operator of the stations, said.

21.03.2014 NucNet News

Bulgaria Conference To Address New Build And Lifetime Extensions

A conference to be held in Bulgaria will address the Kozloduy-7 and Belene new-build projects, lifetime extensions for Kozloduy-5 and -6, and “practical approaches” to the decommissioning of nuclear installations, organisers the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (Bulatom) said.

21.03.2014 NucNet News 

Funding Could Make ‘Nuclear Accident Drones’ A Reality

A new and “much-needed” remote system to safely and accurately assess dangerous nuclear accident sites has been awarded funding from the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering to help it move out of the university science laboratory where it was developed and turn it into reality.

20.03.2014 - OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

William D. Magwood to succeed Luis E. Echávarri as next Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

On 19 March 2014, the OECD Secretary-General announced the appointment of Mr. William D. Magwood as the next Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). He will be succeeding Luis E. Echávarri who is retiring at the end of April 2014 after nearly 17 years at the head of the NEA. 

Mr. Magwood – who is currently one of the five Commissioners of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was previously Director of Nuclear Energy at the US Department of Energy and has served as the Chair of the NEA Steering Committee – will take up his duties on 1 September 2014.NEA Appoints New Director-General To Succeed Spain’s Echávarri

19.03.2014 NucNet News

EDF Denies Media Reports It ‘Played Down Flood Risk’ At Dungeness B

EDF Energy made a “conservative decision” to take both reactors at the Dungeness B nuclear power station in southern England offline for two months in May 2013 to further improve flooding defences, the company said today.

12.03.2014 - Generation IV International Forum (GIF)

Generation IV Update Includes Lessons Learned From Fukushima

bannerThe Generation IV International Forum (GIF) has published an update on the development of Generation IV nuclear systems that includes lessons learned from the Fukushima-Daiichi accident in Japan.

GIF was created in January 2000 by nine countries and today has 13 members, all of which are signatories of its founding document, the GIF Charter. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, the UK and the US signed the GIF Charter in July 2001. It was subsequently signed by Switzerland in 2002, Euratom in 2003, and China and Russia in 2006.

The report is online:

11.03.2014 NucNet News 

Westinghouse Wins Contract For Olkiluoto BWR Core Safety Systems

Westinghouse Electric Company has won a contract from Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), operator of Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear power station, for the provision of two new traversing incore probe (TIP) systems for the Olkiluoto-1 and -2 boiling water reactors, Westinghouse said.

07.03.2014 NucNet News 
Fennovoima Seeks Revised Government Approval For Hanhikivi
Finnish utility Fennovoima has asked the government for a revised decision-in-principle for the construction of the new Hanhikivi nuclear power station at Pyhäjoki in northwest Finland, the company said in a statement.

06.03.2014 NucNet News 
Nordic Countries Adopt New Nuclear And Radiological Emergency Guidelines
The radiation and nuclear safety authorities of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden have agreed a joint set of generic guidelines for protective measures in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency, the authorities have said in a statement.

05.03.2014 NucNet News 

Bulgaria’s Regulator ‘Has Capacity’ To Licence New Kozloduy Unit

The licensing procedure for a new nuclear unit at the existing Kozloduy site in Bulgaria has begun, although when it will finish is harder to predict, Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) chairman Latchesar Kostov tells NucNet.

05.03.2014 NucNet News 
Police Called After Activists Enter Oskarshamn
Activists who entered the grounds of the Oskarshamn nuclear power station in Sweden this morning managed to use ropes to climb onto a building near Units 1 and 2, but not onto any of the reactor buildings, a plant spokesman said.

28.02.2014 NucNet News

Bulgaria Conference To Address New Build And Lifetime Extensions
A conference to be held in Bulgaria will address the Kozloduy-7 and Belene new-build projects, lifetime extensions for Kozloduy-5 and -6, and “practical approaches” to the decommissioning of nuclear installations, organisers the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (Bulatom) said.

28.02.2014 NucNet News
Finland And Russia Sign Strategic Partnership And Fuel Delivery Agreements

Finland and Russia have signed an agreement to form a strategic partnership that lays down the legal basis for cooperation in nuclear energy, Russian state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom has said.

27.02.2014 NucNet News

EC Lays Out Objections To UK Government Hinkley Point Deal

The European Commission (EC) has criticised the deal between the UK government and EDF Energy for proposed state aid for the construction and operation of Hinkley Point C, saying the arguments used in favour of aid are “doubtful” or “not supported” by information.

26.02.2014 NucNet News

Brunsbüttel Inspection Reveals Signs Of Corrosion In Underground Drums

An inspection of six underground storage rooms below the shut-down Brunsbüttel nuclear power station in Germany has shown that 18 out of 70 drums of radioactive waste in one of the rooms shows sign of corrosion, plant operator Vattenfall Europe has said.

24.02.2014 NucNet News

Spain’s Tecnatom Wins Multiple-Cycle Contract For Angra
Tecnatom of Spain has won a “multiple-cycle” contract from Brazil’s state-owned nuclear operator Eletrobras Eletronuclear for special inspections and tests at both units of the Angra nuclear power station in Brazil.

24.02.2014 NucNet News
Sweden’s Oskarshamn-3 And Forsmark-3 To Be Examined For RPV Defects

Sweden’s Oskarshamn-3 and Forsmark-3 nuclear reactors will have their reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) examined for possible manufacturing flaws similar to those found at Belgium’s Doel-3 and Tihange-2 reactors in 2012, the Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has said.

24.02.2014 NucNet News

Nuclenor Says Decree Is ‘Very Positive’ For Garoña 

A decree adopted by Spain’s Council of Ministers, or cabinet, will allow nuclear power plants which have shut down for reasons not related to safety to restart and could pave the way for the the Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear plant to resume operation. 

21.02.2014 NucNet News 

Pressure And Leak-Tightness Tests Completed At Olkiluoto-3
Containment pressure and leak-tightness tests have been completed at the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear reactor under construction in Finland, operator TVO has said.

21.02.2014 NucNet News
EDF Details Life Extension Plans To French Parliament
An EDF official yesterday presented France’s parliament with details of the company’s 55 billion euro (EUR) (75 billion US dollars) reactor life extension programme, saying the “major overhaul” of the company’s nuclear fleet will be concluded by 2025. 

18.02.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear Accounts For Largest Share Of EU Energy Production, Says Eurostat
Nuclear energy accounted for the largest share (29 percent) of gross domestic energy production in the European Union (EU) in 2012, according to figures released by Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU.

13.02.2014 NucNet News

EDF Energy Plans 10-year Lifetime Extensions For Dungeness B Units

EDF Energy plans to extend the operating life of its two reactor units at the Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent, England, by 10 years until 2028, the company has said.

13.02.2014 NucNet News
Industry Says ‘Topical and Focused’ Peer Reviews Could Boost Safety

Topical and focused peer reviews by European nuclear regulators could contribute to the harmonisation of nuclear safety and security in Europe, the director-general of Brussels-based nuclear industry association Foratom has said.

12.02.2014 - GMF

GMF takes part in ENEF's Task Group "Crisis Communication"

Alfons García, mayor of Vandellós i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant (Spain), made two interventions in the ENEF's crisis communication meeting, expressing citizen perspective. In his first speech, he identified some gaps and problems in the communication with the public in case of nuclear and radiological emergency. In his second speech, he proposed possible solutions. You can find both presentations in the Documents section of this website.

10.02.2014 NucNet News
UK Gives Consent For Decommissioning Of Wylfa
The UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has given its consent for a project to decommission the two-unit Wylfa nuclear power station on the island of Anglesey in north Wales.

06.02.2014 NucNet News
No Opposition ‘In Principle’ Towards Deep Geological Repository In France, Says Andra
A panel from France’s Commission Nationale du Débat Public (National Commission for Public Debate; CNDP) has said it is not “in principle” against the Cigéo national deep geological repository project, the National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste (Andra) has said.

06.02.2014 NucNet News
Nuclear Boosts Production As Vattenfall Announces Losses

Nuclear energy helped boost electricity production for the Swedish state-owned Vattenfall group in 2013, but “challenging market conditions” led to overall losses of 2.3 billion US dollars (1.7 billion euros), according to the company’s interim annual report. 

31.01.2014 NucNet News

UK and France Announce Plans For Further Nuclear Collaboration 

The UK and France are planning to collaborate on constructing new nuclear power stations, to find opportunities for small and medium enterprises in nuclear supply chains, and to fund joint training and skills centres for the nuclear industry.

29.01.2014 NucNet News

Russia Partnership Is ‘Right Choice’ For Finland

Finland has one of the highest energy consumption rates per capita in Europe and teaming up with Russia to build a new reactor is the right choice if the country is to meet demand, Fennovoima project director Minna Forsström told NucNet.

28.01.2014 -

Polish nuclear energy program adopted by the Council of Ministers (Government)

Council of Ministers adopted today a resolution on Polish Nuclear Power Program (PPEJ) prepared by the Minister of Economy. The program saved the scope of the measures to be taken to safely use nuclear energy in Poland.

The program defines, among others, the schedule for constructing two nuclear power plants and the preparation for these investments (regulatory infrastructure and organization). The document establishes roles and responsibilities of the institutions responsible for the implementation of the Program, as well as issues related to nuclear safety and radiological protection. The program also includes: economic justification for the implementation of the construction of nuclear power in Poland and its financing, and ways of dealing with spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

DOWNLOAD Polish Nuclear Power Program

27.01.2014 NucNet News
RPV Set In Place At France’s Flamanville-3 EPR
The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) for the 1,600-megawatt Flamanville-3 European pressurised water reactor (EPR) under construction for EDF (Electricité de France) in northern France has been successfully set in place, Areva has said.

23.01.2014 NucNet News
Industry Gives Mixed Reaction To EC Energy And Climate Change Proposals

The European nuclear industry has welcomed European Commission recommendations to further reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 40 percent lower than 1990 levels, but “regrets” the fact that the proposals do not support “technology neutrality” by recognising the important role nuclear energy plays in reducing GHGs.

17.01.2014 NucNet News

Vattenfall Begins Consultation On New Nuclear At Ringhals

Swedish utility Vattenfall has begun a 10-year consultation process for an environmental impact assessment for possible new nuclear reactors at its four-unit Ringhals nuclear station, the company said in a statement yesterday.

14.01.2014 - EFE

Spanish Government prepares a decree allowing Garoña to operate again

Secretary of State for Energy, Alberto Nadal, has advanced today that the Executive prepares a Royal Decree allowing the reopening of Garoña nuclear power plant in Burgos, for approval by the Council of Ministers later this month.

14.01.2014 - EFE

Russia will build two nuclear power reactors in Hungary

Russia will build two new reactors at the Paks nuclear power plant, the only one in Hungary, under an agreement signed today in Moscow between the presidents of both countries, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban.

14.01.2014 NucNet News
German Court Rules Forced Biblis Shutdown ‘Illegal’

In a case brought by German utility RWE the administrative court in Leipzig has decided that the shutdown of the two-unit Biblis nuclear plant was illegal.

14.01.2014 NucNet News

Westinghouse Takes Step Towards Construction Of Three New Reactors In UK 

Toshiba Corporation has reached an agreement in principle with GDF Suez of France and Iberdrola of Spain to take a 60 percent stake in NuGeneration Limited (NuGen), the UK-based nuclear energy company which plans to build three Westinghouse nuclear reactors at the Moorside site in Cumbria, northwest England. 

13.01.2014 NucNet News 

Czech Republic Suspends Repository Survey At Kraví Hora
Exploration of an area of the southeastern Czech Republic as a site for long-term radioactive waste storage has been suspended, the environment ministry has said.

10.01.2014 NucNet News 
Cernavodǎ Units Produced 20% Of Romania’s Energy In 2013, Says Operator
The two nuclear reactor units at Romania’s Cernavodǎ nuclear station produced 10.56 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in 2013, accounting for around 20 percent of the country’s total internal energy production, state-owned utility Nuclearelectrica said.

08.01.2014 NucNet News
Vattenfall Begins Inspection Of Underground Waste Drums At Brunsbüttel
Nuclear operator Vattenfall today began inspecting six storage rooms below the shut-down Brunsbüttel nuclear power station in Germany where 631 drums of radioactive waste are being stored pending their transfer to a nationwide repository.

06.01.2014 NucNet News
Finland’s Operators Announce 2013 Production Figures
Finland’s nuclear operators have released production figures for 2013, with Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) saying the two-unit Olkiluoto nuclear power station produced a record 14.63 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity despite unplanned outages.

31.12.2013 NucNet News
Bulgaria Gives Go-Ahead For New Kozloduy Unit

Bulgaria approved a report from its energy minister on the need for new nuclear and confirmed it will begin exclusive talks with Westinghouse on building a reactor at the Kozloduy nuclear site.

19.12.2013 NucNet News
ASN Asks For Audit Of Flamanville-3 Heavy Lifting Equipment
The French nuclear safety authority ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) has asked for a full audit of heavy lifting equipment at the Flamanville-3 nuclear site following a number of “non-compliances” discovered by safety inspectors.

16.12.2013 NucNet News
Hungary Contamination Incident Gets Provisional INES Level-2 Rating
An incident on 2 December 2013 that resulted in three workers in Hungary being contaminated when they opened metal drums containing compacted radioactive waste has been provisionally rated as Level-2 on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES).

16.12.2013 NucNet News
IAEA Praises Belgium’s Review Of Doel And Tihange RPV Problems
A review of flaws in the reactor pressure vessels at the Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear power stations in Belgium was “thorough and significant” in terms of international collaboration, an Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission by the International Atomic Energy Agency has concluded.

16.12.2013 NucNet News
Fennovoima Gets Go-Ahead To Prepare Hanhikivi-1 EIA
Finland’s Ministry of Employment and Economy has given the go-ahead for energy company Fennovoima to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the proposed Hanhikivi-1 nuclear plant, the ministry said in a statement.

11.12.2013 NucNet News
MEPs Approve Common Rules For Carriers Of Radioactive Materials
Members of the European Parliament today approved plans for a single registration procedure for carriers of radioactive materials, to replace EU member states’ differing and often complex national reporting and authorisation procedures.

22.10.2013 NucNet News
Dismantling Of Four Units At Kozloduy Given Green Light
Bulgaria’s ministry of environment has approved the environmental impact assessment report on the decommissioning of the four shut-down units at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, a statement said.

21.10.2013 - NucNet News

China’s Share Of Hinkley Point C Will Be Up To 40% 

EDF Group will take a share of 45 to 50 percent in the project announced today to build two EPR reactors at Hinkley Point C in the UK, with France’s Areva having a 10 percent share and China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) 30-40 percent between them. 

18.10.2013 - NucNet News
Agreement Reached On Conditions For Tihange-1 Extension
Electrabel and EDF have reached an agreement with the Belgian minister for energy, Melchior Wathelet, on conditions linked to an operating extension for unit one of the three-unit Tihange nuclear power plant.

23.09.2013 NucNet News

France Plans Nuclear Tax To Fund Energy Transition

France plans to introduce a tax on nuclear energy as well as a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels to raise billions of euros needed to boost renewable power and improve energy efficiency.

20.09.2013 NucNet News 
Regulator Calls For Improved Aging Plan At Oskarshamn 

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has directed the operator of Oskarshamn nuclear power plant to submit a plan for correcting deficiencies in its programme for managing the aging and degradation of structures, systems and components that are important for safety at the facility. 

29.08.2013 NucNet News

Europe Has Taken ‘Urgent And Significant’ Steps on Safety, Says Ensreg

European countries have taken “urgent and significant” steps to improve the safety of their nuclear plants, but with varying degrees of practical implementation, the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (Ensreg) has said. 

16.08.2013 NucNet News

Training Of Safeguards Inspectors Successfully Completed In Czech Republic

A comprehensive inspection exercise for the training of safeguards inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was successfully completed in the Dukovany nuclear power plant, the Czech state office for nuclear safety (SÚJB) has said. 

30.05.2013 - The Wall Street Journal

EU's Oettinger: Nuclear Power Part of Bloc's Future Energy Mix Article by Sean Carney 

European Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger, Thursday said the European Union's goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat climate change can only be reached with an energy mix including nuclear power.

30.05.2013 - NucNet News

Energy Committee Votes In Favour Of ‘Strong Support’ For ITER Funding 

Members of the European Parliament’s energy committee have voted in favour of financing the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project “over and above” agreed Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) ceilings” for the next five years. 

28.05.2013 - NucNet News

Turkey Confirms Plans For Third Nuclear Plant
Turkey has confirmed that it wants to build a third nuclear power plant, but said it hopes to gather the technology and expertise to build the majority of the plant using indigenous components and technology. 

28.05.2013 - NucNet News

Poll Shows Public Support For UK Nuclear Subsidy
Forty three percent of the public would support a government subsidy for the construction of new nuclear power in the UK – which compares with just 28 percent who said they would not, a poll by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) has found.

27.05.2013 - NucNet News

Spanish Regulator Supports Garoña Appeal 

Spain’s nuclear regulator says it supports an appeal that could allow the country’s oldest nuclear power reactor to extend its authorisation to operate.

04.2013 - NucNet News
Russia Calls For Increased Cooperation With EU On New Build
Russia and the European Union should strengthen their cooperation on projects to build new nuclear power plants with Russia offering good prospects for European companies in the nuclear supply chain or as investors, state nuclear corporation Rosatom’s deputy director has said. 

04.2013 - NucNet News
Lithuania Confirms Plans To Resurrect Visaginas Project
Lithuania says it plans to reopen the project to construct a new nuclear power plant at Visaginas, on a site next to the shut-down Ignalinas nuclear station.

03.2013 - NucNet News
European Parliament Calls For ‘Urgent’ Safety Improvements To EU Reactors
All the safety improvements recommended following stress tests on the EU’s nuclear reactors must be carried out urgently, said MEPs in a resolution adopted on 13 March 2013.

03.2013 - NucNet News
EU Countries Call For ‘Right Investment Environment’ For New Nuclear
Twelve EU member states that signed a joint communique in London expressed their belief that nuclear energy can contribute to the EU’s future low-carbon energy mix, but called for the “right investment environment” to be created for the construction of new reactors.

03.2013 - NucNet News
UK Parliament Committee Warns On Urgent Need For New Nuclear
The UK government needs a “plan B” on nuclear power because of the danger that new reactors will not be built in time to avoid energy shortages and possible blackouts, an influential committee of MPs warned.

03.2013 - NucNet News
EBRD Announces EUR 300 Million Safety Upgrade Loan For Ukraine Nuclear Plants
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced it will take part in a comprehensive safety upgrade programme for Ukraine’s nuclear power units with a 300 million euro (EUR) (388 million US dollars) loan.

03.2013 - NucNet News
New Proposals Approved For Eastern Europe Decommissioning Assistance
The European Parliament’s energy committee has approved measures to change the legal basis for financial assistance provided to Bulgaria, Slovakia and Lithuania on the decommissioning of eight Soviet-era nuclear reactor units in the three member states.

02.2013 - NucNet News

Ensreg Opens Public Consultation On Stress Test Action Plans

The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (Ensreg) is asking for public comment and questions on the national action plans submitted for peer review by EU countries and neighbouring countries taking part in the EU’s post-Fukushima reactor stress test process.

02.2013 - NucNet News

UK Parliamentary Report Is Highly Critical Of Sellafield Clean-Up

The UK is storing an “extraordinary accumulation of hazardous nuclear waste” in “outdated facilities” which will cost nearly 70 billion pounds (GBP) (105 billion US dollars, 80 billion euro) to clean up, members of parliament have warned the government.

02.2013 - NucNet News

Belene Project Needs Strategic Investor, Says Nuclear CEO

The project to build a new nuclear plant consisting of two reactors at the Belene nuclear site in Bulgaria could be “unfrozen” if a strategic investor can be found, the chief executive officer of the Kozloduy nuclear plant has said.

02.2013 - NucNet News

Sweden Must Prepare For ‘Significant Hurdles’ Over New Nuclear Investment

Sweden must develop “post-2030 scenarios” for nuclear generating capacity in its future energy mix, taking into account the “significant hurdles” that new nuclear investment will face in a liberalised market, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said.

28.02.2013 -

The Tourism Provincial Delegate meets GMFs European mayors

The Provincial Tourist Board of the County Council welcomed to Córdoba the mayors of European municipalities with nuclear facilities, grouped into the collective GMF, through its Provincial Deputy, Rocío Soriano.

They are here to celebrate a Coference in Hornachuelos.

Rocío Soriano accompanied them to his visit to the Mosque and to a tour through the old town. "Such visits greatly concern us because these people become our best advocates."

 25.02.2013 -

"La Merced" Palace opens its doors to the members of the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities

The president of the council of Cordoba, Maria Luisa Ceballos, received this afternoon at "La Merced" Palace, the mayors who will attend 'Local reality and the radioactive waste management' conference to be held tomorrow in the town of Hornachuelos, where representatives of several countries will share their experiences about waste management.

Ceballos, accompanied by the vice president of the provincial institution, Salvador Fuentes, has opened the doors of the provincial institution to the chairman of the European Group of Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities (GMF), Roland Palmqvist, and to the mayor of Hornachuelos, María del Carmen Murillo and to the President of AMAC, Alfons Garcia, while she has highlighted "the importance of these meetings for municipalities who live similar situations, which serve to exchange ideas and experiences".

This meeting aims exchanging experiences between Spain, Sweden, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, France and Germany. Among other issues, they will discuss the management of radioactive waste in Spain.


11.01.2013 - nuclear24

Nuclear helps record Swedish electricity production

Total domestic electricity production in Sweden was a record 161 terawatt hours (TWh) in 2012, helped by continued increases in production from the country's nuclear power plants, according to preliminary figures.

11.01.2013 - NucNet News

Hungary’s Paks-1 Licence Renewed With Conditions

Hungarian regulators have renewed the operating licence of the Paks-1 nuclear reactor for an additional 20 years on condition that a number of conditions and safety requirements are met.

11.01.2013 - NucNet News

Cameco Completes Acquisition Of Germany’s Nukem

Canada-based Cameco Corporation has obtained all required regulatory approvals and completed the acquisition of Nukem Energy GmbH, a German trader and broker of nuclear fuel products and services.

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