European local Network of radioactive Waste Dialogue - ENWD

The objetives with the network are to, under the umbrella of GMF:
  • exchange knowledge and experiences among politicians and civil servants
  • sharing and spreading "best practise" or good examples for ex citizen dialogues
  • empowering the municipalities by improving the processes at home
  • be a speaking partner and a platform to the EU Comission

The network is intended for municipalities/regions who already have a repository or are in advanced siting process for LLW, ILW or HLW.


3RD MEETING: 13th and 14th of April 2015 in Brussels

Participating countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

Agenda [Download pdf.]

Belgium [Download pdf.]
Czech Republic [Download pdf.]
Finland [Download pdf.]
Slovakia [Download pdf.]
Sweden [Download pdf.]
Östhammar [Download pdf.]

Minutes from the meeting [Download pdf.]

Application of recommendations on good governance in nuclear territories
Notes taken by Ms. Meritxell Martell (Merience) [Download pdf.]

2ND MEETING: 3th of October 2014 in Munich

Participating countries: Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

- Agenda
Meeting's report and summary
 [Download pdf.]
- ENWD Presentation [Download pdf.]
- “Economic compensation: how does it work in our countries? / how can the municipalities and regions gain from the society in different ways having facilities for storage of radioactive waste?” Presentation from each country:

1ST MEETING: 7-8th of April 2014 in Brussels

Participating countries: Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary and Czech Republic.

- Agenda
- Meeting's report and summary
 [Download pdf.]
- Summary of the working groups discusson [Download pdf.]
- “Citizen Dialogues – sharing best practices” Presentation from each country: